Shadow Night

Theme: You Only Get One – YOGO
Description: Starting with little knowledge about Unity, little knowledge about Javascript and C#, I made the basis of game.
I learnt a lot about Unity, Javascript, C#, 3dsMax + UV mapping in the process.
I myself am a level design primarily and really pushed to see how far I can go in this Ludum Dare.
Thank you for playing, and what not and I’ll come back next time hopefully 😀

Tools: Unity, 3ds Max Studio, Photoshop, Crazybump
Game Designed On: 11th December 2013

Ludum Dare 28 – Entry Page

W – Forward    A – Left    S – Backwards    D – Right
F – Toggle Lantern
E – Open Doors

Windows 32bit / 64bit

Linux 32bit / 64bit

Macintosh 32bit / 64bit

Source Code

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